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The Quality of Your Investment!

Metal Roofing from Domtek is guaranteed for 40 years.  So forget about having to reroof for a very long time.

Let’s look at the average statistics.

The average home owner with a typical asphalt roof will replace their roof on average every 10 to 20 years.  Sometimes sooner, depending on the pitch of the roof, shingle colour and climate that the roof is exposed to.

When asphalt roofs are installed on your home or business, they begin to deteriorate and lose value. With Domtek’s Pro-Rib, Lo-Rib, TUFF-Rib and PB-Rib metal roofing and cladding, your new roofing or cladding maintains its value and in most cases it helps to improve the value of your property.

With the removal of your old asphalt shingles reaching as high as $100 to $150 per square foot you will be glad to know that Domtek’s metal roofing and cladding is able to be installed right on top of your existing roof!  Saving you the time and money on labour for the removal of the old shingles and hauling them to your local refuse dump.

If you’re worried about the stability of your structure due to adding more weight you can rest assured that because of metal roofing and claddings high strength, light weight construction, you do not have to worry about compromising the stability of your investment.