Hip and Valley Closures

EM-Seal is a self-adhering tape made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam. It’s impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion and then compressed to a sealing density level appropriate to the application. Typically, higher compression levels are required for watertightness in water run-off applications; lower compression can be used, for example, for snow seals at roof ridges. EM-Seal replaces and outperforms liquid and butyl-tape sealants as well as closed-cell and unimpregnated open-cell foam closures.

Product Features

  • Conforms to any panel contour and fills voids
  • Seals out dust, air, wind-driven snow and rain
  • Will not dry out and become hard or brittle
  • UV-stable
  • Highly resistant to insects and vermin
  • Maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building panels
  • Good thermal and sound insulator
  • Suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood and concrete
  • Supplied with self-adhesive on one side.


· Roll Size: 1” x 3/4” x 19.68 LF

Product Applications

Residential Commercial Agricultural

Features & Benefits

Lifetime of Savings Low Maintenance Moisture Resistant Insect Resistant UV Stable Easy to Install

Did you know?

Metal roofing is more energy efficient than asphalt roofing.

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