Cellular PVC Trim

With a full complement of PVC trim boards, sheet, mouldings and corners, EX-Cel ® will finish any project completely and professionally.

Available in either smooth, woodgrain or a combination of both, EX-Cel ® products can be cut, mitered, nailed, routed and sanded just like traditional wood trim products. Unlike traditional wood products EX-Cel ® can also be bent for curved applications and does not need to be painted. It will never rot, crack or deteriorate even in high moisture applications. Produced from one of the most durable building materials, PVC, EX-Cel ® is truly the low maintenance choice for all applications.

  • Ideal for fascia, decorative trim, columns, flat casings,and many other applications.
  • All Ex-Cel® products, are resistant to moisture, fading, salt and insects.
  • Trim Board available in Smooth / Woodgrain finish
  • Available in classic white colour
  • SE – Smooth Edge
  • Packaged wrapped to ensure cleanliness

Ex-Cel® trims are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths.

Ex-Cel® is also available in sheet size.

Ex-Cel® comes with a 25 year warranty.

Product Applications

Residential Commercial Car Wash Cottage

Features & Benefits

Lifetime of Savings Low Maintenance Durable Moisture Resistant 25 Year Warranty Insect Resistant UV Stable Stretch Wrapped Easy to Clean Paintable