PRO-Rib Metal Soffit

Metal Soffit

Soffit Just Got Stronger

Soffit and ventilation are commonly overlooked when taking into consideration the protection of your home. Proper ventilation is crucial in the performance of a building to promote directional air movement and keep your roof deck dry, free from moisture or rot.

If you already own a metal roof, you’re someone who understands the benefits of using quality products that last in our harsh Canadian environment. So why compromise with soffit?

  • Stronger than aluminum
  • Less noise and vibration from wind

Domtek’s Pro-Rib Metal Soffit is made from 28-gauge hi-tensile steel and comes with a 40-year warranty protecting your home for a lifetime. Simply put, steel soffit is stronger than other conventional soffit systems on the market today. Pro-Rib Metal Soffit has superior performance in high winds, reducing noise and vibration commonly seen with aluminum soffit systems.

Available in vented and non-vented 36” wide profiles, Domtek’s Pro-Rib Metal Soffit can also be custom cut to length for quick install. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can now color match your metal soffit to your existing metal roof or walls!

Available in Charcoal, Black, Brite White and Coffee Brown. View our Colour Chart.

Custom Fit for Added Strength

To ensure your Pro-Rib Metal Soffit system has the tightest fit, Domtek Building Products custom builds their trims in-house to suit any roof style or project.


  • 28  gauge Hi-Tensile steel
  • 36″ wide panel
  • Available from 6” – 48”
  • Vented or non-vented profiles available
  • 1/8” @ .325 spacing, 60 degree stagger, 13.4 % free air


Product Applications

Residential Commercial Agricultural

Features & Benefits

Cut to Length Lifetime of Savings Low Maintenance Durable 40 Year Warranty Fire Resistant Recyclable Material 36″ Panel Width 28 Gauge Wind Resistant 28 Gauge Perforated Colour Matching Quick Installation


Colour Chart

28 Gauge Premium Perforated Colours

Brite White Coffee Brown Black Charcoal
PRO-Rib Metal Soffit


Did you know?

Contrary to popular opinion, metal roofs do not attract lightning more than asphalt roofs.

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