Pancake Head Fastener

Low Profile Metal to Wood Fastener

Superior Performance with Low Profile design 

Domtek’s Pancake Head fastener is designed for low profile applications when attaching Pro-Lock hidden fastener metal panels, standing seam roof clips, and Kodiak PVC Liner Panels to wood. The combo drive head delivers excellent control for phillips or square driver bits. Non-walking point design provides fast material engagement and high quality zinc coatings or stainless steel option protect against corrosion for long life performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Metal to wood, PVC to wood (eg. Wall or ceiling panel to wood)
  • Combo drive for convenience
  • Pancake head design for low profile requirements
  • Non-walking point for fast material engagement
  • Available in zinc or stainless steel

Selection Chart

#10 X 130007.10
#10 X 1-1/2200010.00
#10 X 2150016.00
#10 X 1 Stainless Steel30007.80
#10 X 1-1/2 Stainless Steel200010.80


  • Thread Diameter: #10
  • Head Style: Combo drive (#2 Robertson/Phillips)
  • Available in zinc-coated or stainless steel


  • Metal to wood
  • PVC Liner Panel to wood
  • Roof panel to wood substrate
  • Wall panel to wood substrate
  • Roof clips to wood substrate

NOTE: Use of impact tools is not recommended when installing painted fasteners and will void paint warranty.

Features & Benefits

Lifetime of Savings Low Maintenance Durable Moisture Resistant 20 Year Warranty


Did you know?

Backed by an amazing 40 year warranty, Pro-Lock roofing is installed over solid decking providing a similar level of soundproofing as traditional shingles.

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