Metal to Wood Fastener

The preferred fastener by industry leading builders and contractors.

Our TRU-GRIP GT fastener is designed for metal to wood applications attaching steel roofing and siding used in post-frame and residential metal roofing applications. A Hex Washer Head with sharp non-walking point provides excellent driving stability. Double lead threads delivers faster panel pick-up and quicker install with superior holding strength. High-quality zinc coatings provide extended corrosion resistance while a EPDM bonded washer provides a weather tight seal.

You Choose The Colour — We Deliver on Performance

A wide variety of colors. Optional custom colors. All with a premium paint finish that will last as long as your metal roof. Our primed, painted and baked-on, acrylic-based enamel paint system better suits the complex geometry of fasteners and doesn’t crack or chip under stress which can occur with powder coating. Our robotic painting system ensures an efficient and consistent paint spray. Get superior performance and a wide variety of durable colors to match. View our standard colours.

Features & Benefits:

  • Primed, painted, baked on acrylic-based enamel paint system outperforms powder coating
  • Non-walking sharp point for fast material engagement.
  • Double lead thread for fast panel pick-up and quick install, saving you time and labour costs.
  • High HWH (Hex Washer Head) provides driving stability.
  • EPDM bonded washer has superior aging characteristics against temperature extremes and UV rays.
  • Available in unpainted or painted
  • Long-life coated for extended corrosion resistance

Selection Chart

#14 X 13/8”250/250025.87
#14 X 1-1/43/8”250/200025.87
#14 X 1-1/23/8”250/150030.87
#14 X 23/8”250/150027.12
#14 X 2-1/23/8”250/100032.37
#14 X 33/8”250/100023.37


  • Diameter: #9, #14
  • Head Styles: HWH (Hex Washer Head)
  • Washer Style: EPDM Bonded
  • Drill Point: AB
  • Finish: Long-life coated for extended corrosion resistance


  • Metal to wood
  • Roof panel to wood substrate
  • Wall panel to wood substrate

NOTE: Use of impact tools is not recommended when installing painted fasteners and will void paint warranty.

Features & Benefits

Lifetime of Savings Low Maintenance Durable Wide Variety of Colours Moisture Resistant 20 Year Warranty UV Stable Colour Matching